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Is that fair?

When I say equality, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? For me, it’s reservations. Rather than providing seats to economically backward students, the government offers caste-based reservations. What about gender inequality and the various forms it manifests in our country? Today we’ll be learning about equality and the words that derive from it.

Equity originally meant fairness or even-handedness. Later it also came to mean an equal share. Nowadays, equity refers to shares issued by a company, for example, ‘equity prices’ or ‘equity and fixed income.’

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The opposite of equity is inequity which means unfairness or injustice. Extraordinarily evil or unjust action is known as iniquitous. Wicked deeds make a person iniquitous.

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Joker: An iniquitous character from the Batman series.

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When a person is equivocal on the subject when asked for his opinion, he speaks in a manner that leaves his position unclear (it appears as if he supports both sides). Politicians, celebrities, influencers, etc., are often equivocal to not upset any of their bases. It may also mean a doubtful or questionable nature, as in equivocal loyalty or motives. On the other hand, speaking in unequivocal terms means to talk with ringing clarity, leaving no room for ambiguity. An unequivocal sentence cannot have multiple interpretations.

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A chemical reaction between 2 hydrogen atoms and two iodine atoms attains an equilibrium state forming two Hydrogen Iodide molecules.

Equilibrium means ‘equal balance,’ and to lose one’s equilibrium, thus, is to lose one’s composure.

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An Equilibrist in Maha Kumbh Mela

A tightrope walker is similarly called an equilibrist. And a person who believes in works towards or promotes equality is called egalitarian.

Tabular Summary :

 equity1)the quality of being fair and impartial. 2)the value of the shares issued by a company.
inequitylack of fairness or justice
iniquitousAn extraordinarily evil or unjust action
 equivocalopen to more than one interpretation
unequivocalto speak with ringing clarity
 equilibriuma state of rest or balance
 equilibrist  A tightrope walker
 egalitarian a person who believes in works towards or promotes equality

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”Egis India – the India arm of French construction, engineering, and mobility consultancy provider – is planning to make an equity investment in the airport redevelopment and privatization plans of the Indian government. The company plans to invest 75 million euros in India in the next five years across various sectors."( Business Today) Equity here means:

“It has been stressed enough times how no one anywhere in the world will be safe from the Covid-19 and its variants until everybody everywhere is inoculated. Therefore, it is inevitable the iniquitous distribution of the vaccines has drawn global ire with loud calls for equal access.”(The New Times) Iniquitous here means:

” President of Stanford University Marc Tessier-Lavigne expressed his unequivocal support for Chinese and Chinese American colleagues following the arrest of Gang Chen, a professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), according to a statement released on the university's website."(Global Times) Unequivocal here means:

” Covid-19 and the subsequent damage it has heaped on us, as a society and as a nation, will take many years to heal mainly for those who live on the margins. It has led to a widening of gaps between the haves and have not – be it access to education, health, jobs, and opportunities. Many, especially in the opposition, argued that this exercise should have perhaps kicked off with the prime minister or other prominent politicians taking the first shot. But the visuals of an ordinary health worker Manish, getting inoculated before netas, VVIPs, and even the AIIMS Director Dr. Randeep Guleria and NITI Aayog's senior member, Dr. VK Paul, was empowering and egalitarian in ways that can hardly be encapsulated in words. In many ways, that image defines the amazing story of a resilient Bharat, that emerges every now and then from the shadows of a privileged India, through this pandemic and through the last 74 years." Egalitarian here means:

Here equilibrium means:


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