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All things being equal!

Welcome to your All things being equal! quiz.

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“The Tokyo 2020 Olympics Is An Important Milestone For Gender equality In Japan—But Long Road Ahead Remains” (Forbes). Here equality means:

2x+3y=7 and 5x-4y=2. Solve the ………. for x and y. The missing word is

”His mind seemed to possess an equable warm temperature, a temperature that it seemed impossible to lower or raise”( The Beach of Dreams- H. De Veere Stacpoole). Here equable means:

“Awareness and equanimity are the two vital aspects of the Vipassana meditation technique. But, how and why are they important? Late Guru Goenkaji has an explanation: "One must develop an awareness of all the sensations that occur within the framework of the body, and, at the same time, one must remain equanimous towards them." By retaining one's equanimity without reacting, Guruji insists, one notices that the sensations start appearing in areas that were hitherto 'blind' and those solidified, gross, unpleasant sensations (like severe pain in the lower back, headache or heaviness/ numbness in the ankles, feet, and legs) will start dissolving slowly, but steadily"

Read the paragraph and arrive at the meaning of equanimity. (Telangana Today)


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